You are cordially invited to gain an impression of our comfortable and modern dental practice. Experience the atmosphere and attractive ambience of our practice. These pages offer a few impressions that will provide you with an idea of how our close-knit team utilizes the various aspects of modern dentistry. 

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The choice of a dental practice is based above all on trust. We would
be pleased if we could gain your trust and welcome you personally in our practice. Our dedicated team will make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We very much hope that you have gotten through the Corona period well so far.

As a dental team, we are always there for our patients. Healthier patients are better protected against the coronavirus. It makes sense right now to come to preventive care and treatment, because oral health and immune defense are closely related.

We have always worked with the highest hygiene standards to protect you and us as a team against infections in our practice. In the current situation we have additionally taken further organizational and treatment measures, that ensure maximum protection against infection from the coronavirus for patients and the practice team.

Due to our own infection control measures, it is not absolutely necessary that you bring a negative COVID-19 test or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate with you to visit us.

Your practice team Dres. Lemmer, Tabatabai & Gross